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Split Recruiting.
It happens to every recruiter at one time or another - a key client throws you the ultimate “Purple Squirrel” search.

Something in a niche where you have limited or no contacts and time is always of the essence. Xcavate specializes in purple squirrel searches – beginning as a research company allowed us to build up targeted databases, networks and contacts within the science-based industries and niches and we always enjoy helping a fellow recruiter keep their most important clients happy. Let's face it, splits are winning proposition for recruiters. Xcavate is the secret weapon you need in order to look like a hero for your clients by coming through with hard to find candidates quickly and efficiently. The Xcavate team has a reputation for fast results and impeccable standards.

agreement we sign with every recruiter we work with is designed to give you the peace of mind that your clients stay your clients -- when we work a split we are working for you and with you- end of story. We consider the recruiters we work with strategic partners and are happy to supply references on request.
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